Improve Patient Referrals with EyeV

EyeV enables you to

Refer, Track

& Monitor

EyeV is a user-friendly ophthalmology patient referral platform to transform the referral process and reduce time spent managing them.

EyeV Key Features

Graphic Design

We specialize in logos, merchandise and more. Anyone can create nice graphics but it’s much better to create memorable ones. Contact us by calling, emailing or filling out our form. You will receive a free quote by email within 24 hours.

Web based log in

Access the EyeV software securely from any device.

Customisable Clinical Forms

With additional features included for ease-of-use.

Quick Patient Finder

Direct access to the National Health Exchanges.


Send large image files direct from any imaging system or DICOM store.

Flexible Triage

Triage patients in EyeV or in another system, you choose.

Improve Communication

Save time and poor quality referrals with advice and guidance features.

Updates Notes

EyeV automatically updates notes and sends notifications

Monitor Progress

Monitor patients progress with a unique tracking system.

Key Benefits For


Quickly triage patients with high quality referrals in a live system.

Clinical Support Staff

Help fast track patients to treatment and stay in the know.


Creates service efficiencies and reduces footfalls to hospitals.

Admin Staff

Process referrals with a few clicks, in seconds.

What We Offer

A secure cloud platform with robust security

Cyber Essentials Plus

Ensuring secure configuration, malware protection, controlled access, internet connection and antivirus software. We're successfully audited against this annually.

Data Security

We only ever store your data in data centres accredited with ISO27001. We also use industry-leading software to ensure your data is secure and protected.

Security Audits

We carry out regular internal and government accredited external security audits to ensure the system is protected.

Data Security Protection Toolkit Standard

Every year, we achieve the "Standards Exceeded Mark" on the NHS England Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

EyeV transforms

Create end-to-end service efficiencies through sophisticated patient tracking and monitoring. 

Creating Efficiencies

'With the Advice and Guidance features, you can help improve the quality of the referral without needing to start again.

Book to the waiting list directly in EyeV

Automatic Notes Updates

EyeV automatically updates notes (and synchronises across connected systems in primary and secondary care) and sends notifications, so you don't have to.


Providing a best value software solution and enabling instant access from any device - anywhere in the world.

Print colour coded work lists directly from EyeV.

One System

EyeV enables you the option to triage in the platform, in central referral systems and other HL7 / FHIR compliant systems.

Track Progress

Use the real-time progress bar to track each patient along the referral pathway.

Get the most out of EyeV with customisable features, tailored to your service.

Benefits For Referrers

EyeV was developed in collaboration with Clinicians and built with ease of use front of mind.

Patient-centred care

Many features have been added to the software to help make processing referrals quick, easy and rewarding. EyeV enables surgeons, optometrists, community healthcare professionals and general practitioners to follow your referrals and gives you peace of mind your patients have been treated.

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Found out how EyeV can help clinical and administrative staff save, provide patient traceability to create better quality referrals and promote data transparency across patient pathways for improved cross-functional communication.

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