EyeV: Powerful Referrals & Automation Platform for Healthcare

Streamline patient referrals, automate follow-ups, and save time with EyeV’s cloud healthcare solutions.


Efficient Referrals

Customisable forms, quick patient finder, and flexible triage for faster referral processing.


Better Communication

Save time and improve referral quality with advice and guidance features, designed for multi-discipline teams.


Seamless Integration

Interoperable with other systems for ease of use and integration with existing healthcare infrastructure.

About EyeV

EyeV is a healthcare technology company dedicated to delivering automated and real-time cloud healthcare solutions

Our motivation is to save healthcare providers time and resources and improve patient outcomes

Our Services

We offer a range of innovative products to streamline healthcare processes

EyeV Referral Automation Platform

Refer, track, and monitor patients across medical specialties with customisable forms and efficient communication.

Automated Patient Follow Ups (PIFU+)

Engage, monitor, and update patient records automatically to reduce clinical time and avoid complications.

General Practice Automation (GPA)

Automate administrative tasks, secure QoF points, and save time in general practice, which works with EMIS and SystmOne.

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